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1 to 1 Football Sessions – Cambridge

Here at Learn Football Cambridge, our love and enthusiasm for football is at the heart of all we do. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy football, no matter their skill level, age or gender.

Our personalised 1 to 1 football coaching lessons are the perfect way for your child to improve their football skills, while still enjoying the sport and all it has to offer. Our 1 to 1 coaching is suitable for any age, and we welcome any and all children, regardless of gender or background.


1 To 1 Sessions & Double Sessions


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Tailored 1 To 1Football Coaching

We understand that during group training sessions, it can be difficult to give the right amount of attention to each individual child, and with each child having their own unique requirements, it can be a challenge to give each child the specific attention they need to develop their skills.

This, our passion for teaching, and our enthusiasm for football are some of the many reasons why we offer 1 to 1 coaching sessions to our pupils here at Learn Football Cambridge

We believe that by providingas we are able to provide bespoke and completely tailored training sessions to your child to help their unique development.

Affordable 1 To 1 Coaching in Cambridge

With both 1 to 1 and double sessions available, there is always the perfect option available for your child and their needs. No matter your child’s area of development, we always take your child’s needs into consideration to formulate a 1 to 1 training program based around them; always ensuring to keep our sessions both engaging and informative.

Not only this, but our commitment to low prices means that our 1 to 1 football coaching sessions start from as little as £20 per player!

1 To 1 Sessions & Double Sessions Available

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If you love football, teaching and coaching you are the one we are looking for to be part of our team.

The main gold of this team is to be able to give more boys and girls the opportunity to have a 1 to 1 football lesson that their parents can afford.

So please give us a shout as we need help…

Email : info@learn1to1footballcambridge.com
Call/Text : +44796064230