Zoom Virtual Coaching

Zoom Virtual Coaching

Sessions are indoor or garden and require minimal space and equipment- only a football and
some cones ,balled up socks or bottles will do the job.

The sessions focus on improving your skills, as well as maintaining and develop your football fitness

A virtual 1 to 1 coaching session may include

Ball mastery, Strength and conditioning, fitness exercises and games

30 minutes / £9 lesson

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If you love football, teaching and coaching you are the one we are looking for to be part of our team.

The main gold of this team is to be able to give more boys and girls the opportunity to have a 1 to 1 football lesson that their parents can afford.

So please give us a shout as we need help…

Email : info@learn1to1footballcambridge.com
Call/Text : +44796064230